Is your child’s birthday just around the corner? Allow us to add an extra touch of magic to your little one’s celebration this year with our comprehensive party package. Our goal is to create enchanting memories, so kick back and unwind while we ensure the youngsters have a blast!


Our party package offers fantastic value, encompassing approximately 90 minutes of play in a secure and enjoyable setting, along with a delectable meal and an abundance of drinks to keep the kids refreshed. Explore the complete details of our party package below…

Whats included?

• Soft play

• 90 min of play

• Hot Food

• Music

• Entertainment (optional)

• Cake (optional)

Starting at just £150 per group, our party package caters to a minimum of 8 children and includes food and drinks. Ideal for children’s birthday celebrations and beyond, our party packages are in high demand.

To ensure you secure your preferred slot, we advise booking your kids’ birthday party as early as possible. A £50 deposit is necessary to reserve your party, with the final payment due after the festivities conclude. Don’t miss out on creating lasting memories – book your party today!


The play session is 90 minutes in the party package.

Unfortunately no food or drink is allowed from outside onto PHAT Buns premises.

Booking online is compulsory.

Thank you for taking the time to research our brand. Phat Bun’s concept started in October 2019 and the first U.K franchise took 3 years of meticulous research and planning.

Soft Play Derby

Every parent agrees that planning their child’s birthday party is the single most exhausting yet rewarding experience ever. You want to see your little one happy as they grow a year older. But it doesn’t always have to be tedious and about constant planning. At Phat Buns, we can do more than just deliver the amazing burgers to crown the party. We can also be the party with our Soft Play in Derby.

Why not let us help you create those unforgettable memories while giving you a break and letting you enjoy yourself as well?

Make Your Child’s Birthday A Day to Remember with Our Soft Play in Derby

Phat Buns Derby has an excellent party package that will change how you do birthdays for a long time. And just like our burgers, it’s all about value, fun, and flavours.

We will let your child and their friends enjoy 90 minutes of play in a secure and enjoyable setting and provide a meal and drinks to refresh them. It’s the ultimate birthday party experience that will be loads of fun and the talk among your child’s peers. It’s an excellent way to earn that coveted parent of the year trophy without breaking your back while at it.

What You Get with Our Party Package

We provide the complete fun party package for your child and their entourage, which includes 90 minutes of fun and entertainment

The children have full access to our soft play area in Derby, where they can participate in fun games and play. They can engage in the various obstacles at the centre, including the balloon pit. The centre’s coloured theme is guaranteed to bring out the inner child and playful nature in every child.

Our soft play centre is energy-draining, and the kids will need to up their energy to push through the rest of their day. We will provide them with hot food from our unique menu, including our amazing and legendary smash burgers, delightful treats, and hot food that the kids will love.

Of course, no party is complete with music, and we have plenty of age-appropriate music to give the party the right mood and ambience. We can also provide additional entertainment for the group. However, this is optional, and we can also crown the event with a cake for the birthday child, which is also optional.

Let’s Add Flavour and Fun on Your Child’s Birthday

Phat Buns soft play is all about fun and celebrating your child’s birthday differently and economically. You can save yourself the trouble and cost of organising an entire party and labouring in the kitchen the entire day by opting for Let’s Play at Phat Buns. It’s double the fun and the flavour, and you get some alone time!

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