PHAT Buns is a quick-service brand offering a range of burgers, shakes, wings, and hot dogs. Our signature dish is our “smash” burgers. Diner and takeaway concepts are available.

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We are a unique and independent quick-service brand offering an ultimate range of burgers, shakes, wings, and hot dogs. Our signature dish is our “smash” burgers. Everything is made fresh to order and perfection, creating distinctive and indulgent taste experiences.

We are a fast-casual operation with dine-in and takeaway options.
Our interiors are vibrant, colourful and exciting; the orange and black branded colour scheme and distinctive lighting add a trendy, cutting-edge ambience. Our stores have become the place to visit at all times of the day and for all age groups.


When you join the Phat Buns family you can enjoy a strong support network to assist your business’ growth:
Exceptional brand values
Continuous customer service training & hands-on support
A successful operation is key to growing the family’s success
Extensive food management experience with over 50 years of hospitality experience in a team approach
Strong marketing to help grow the business

The story so far..

First store
Opened in October 2019 by brothers Oubed and Ahtesham Moosa, who describe themselves as smash burger enthusiasts.

Before opening their first branch the duo spent three weeks travelling around America to get ideas, in order to bring to Leicester the finest smash burger experience with an American twist.

The 29-cover eatery is in the hub of the student village (Western Boulevard) in Leicester, East Midlands. With a large student following and loyal locals it became an instant success, leading to the roll out of further branches and franchise opportunities.

Second store
Phat Buns launched their second restaurant on the outskirt of Leicester only four months after the success of their first site

Even though it opened during the first lockdown, orders could be placed for delivery through their website or safely collected from the store in Evington on Gamel Road via walk-through window. Offering seating for around 20 with plans to provide an outdoor covering childrens play area along with outdoor seating area around the side of the store.

Third store
Loughborough being a busy market town with a vibrant history and large student population, was perfect for a location for Phat Buns. The site is a short walk from Loughborough University.

Talking about the new branch, Ahtesham Moosa(founder) said he’s always had a personal attachment to the town as as it is where he graduated in aeronautical engineering in 2011.

Forth store
Our inaugural kiosk store in Radford, Nottingham officially opened its doors! Strategically situated near Radford University, it's quickly become a popular spot among students. We're thrilled with the enthusiastic reception from the campus community.

Fifth store
We opened the doors to our 5th PHAT Buns store on Coventry High Street, Cross Cheaping, adjacent to a McDonald's. This 40+ seater store, strategically placed near the university campus, received a fantastic response from the locals. We were thrilled to see our unique flavors and vibrant dining experience embraced by the Coventry community!

6th store
Our Birmingham branch, nestled on Coventry Road, marked the debut of our 3rd Generation interior design - a distinctive metal robot theme that really pops on this bustling thoroughfare. This eye-catching store design, combined with our commitment to high-quality food, quickly established itself as a popular eatery in a competitive market.

7th store
We kicked off 2023 with a sensational start at our Beeston branch, conveniently located just outside The University of Nottingham. Quickly, we became the go-to eatery in Beeston, drawing in a vibrant mix of students and locals alike.

8th store
Our inaugural venture up north saw us opening the doors of our Sheffield store on London Road. This location stands out, brightening up the street with its iconic modern design and vibrant interior. The local Sheffield newspaper captured the sentiment perfectly, stating, 'This was something that Sheffield needed.' We're proud to bring our unique flavor and style to the heart of Sheffield!

9th store
In the town centre of Derby, we embarked on an exciting transformation, taking over a 60-seater Burger King site. Keeping true to our iconic interior design, we added a special twist by converting the upstairs into a 'Let's Play' soft play area for kids. On opening day, we were thrilled to see hundreds of customers pour in, eager to experience our unique ambiance and discover what PHAT Buns is all about!

10th store
Our expansion in Birmingham continued with the opening of our second store, this time in Lozells. Though smaller in scale, this store conversion brought a burst of brightness to the area and the street. With this addition, we've certainly changed the burger game in Birmingham, introducing our unique flair and flavors to a new neighborhood.

11th store
We marked a significant milestone by taking over a 90-seater TinselTown site in Bayswater, transforming it into a flagship store for PHAT Buns in London. Just an 8-minute walk from Hyde Park, this location was primed for success. Our grand opening was backed by a massive marketing campaign featuring billboards, out-of-home (OOH) marketing, and viral online campaigns. The response from the London market was phenomenal, signaling just the beginning of our exciting journey in the city.

12th store
Hot on the heels of our Bayswater branch opening, we expanded our presence by stepping into Slough with a new store located on the High Street. This strategic launch, just two weeks after our flagship store in London, underscored our commitment to rapid growth and bringing PHAT Buns' unique dining experience to more cities.


PHAT Buns unveils 12th store
in Slough, London

PHAT Buns unveils 12th store
in Slough, London

PHAT Buns unveils 12th store
in Slough, London


Your application will be reviewed and if successful a member of the team will be in touch.

There is no fixed costs as costs vary based on multiple factors such as the location, configuration, and size of store.

If the size and property is suitable after assessment by our Estates team then we are open to its use as a PHAT Buns store.

Ideally, we would prefer our franchise partners to have previous food experience, however, this is not essential. We would prefer those with experience in running a business as we will provide full training.

Training is split between technical training at our Head Office and practical training in your own store.

The cost of the initial training is included within the Franchise Licence Fee. The only items not covered are your own travel, accommodation, and food.

If you would like to be part of this fast growing
PHAT Buns family, please apply below.

Phat Buns is a fast-growing, urban fast-food eatery offering a vibrant dine-in experience and a delicious menu for fast-food lovers. We offer the ultimate range of our signature smash burgers, hot dogs, wings, and shakes. As a quick-service brand, everything on our menu is made fresh to order and to perfection. We provide our customers with a distinctive and indulgent experience and ensure consistency in quality, flavour, and portions.  

Our eateries have vibrant interiors that are colourful and exciting, portraying our unique, fast-casual approach to life. 

By franchising with us, you can join the latest craze in the fast-food scene in the UK. With our experience and support, you can open a successful fast-food outlet offering the juiciest and crunchiest burgers in the UK, among other unique fast-food dishes. 

Benefits of a Food Franchise 

Going for a franchise model with us has numerous benefits for you and your business. Some of these benefits include: 

You’ll Be Able to Jump Right In 

When you franchise with us, you can leverage and draw from our experience and proven business model, concept, and recipes. We provide the tools you need to make your new startup successful. Although having prior experience running a fast-food business is a plus, it’s not compulsory, and it is possible to thrive within the partnership. We will provide you with everything you need to launch your franchise immediately and enjoy success. 

Access to Ongoing Support and Resources 

In addition to the resources and training you get when starting up, we will continue to provide you with support and resources as per our franchisee agreement for continued success. You will have access to our supplier contracts, equipment, recipes, and software system, making running the franchise much easier. 

Benefit From Our Brand Recognition 

Phat Buns hit the ground running and has become one of the fastest-growing eateries in the UK. By partnering with us as a franchisee, you can leverage the popularity and trust that our brand has already built with our customer base. It will also be easier to attract new fast-food lovers under the banner of an established brand that is already making great food.  

Why You Should Franchise With Us 

We are dedicated to helping you establish success and grow with our brand. As part of the Phat Buns family, you will enjoy a strong support network that will spur the growth of your business. Some of the reasons you should franchise with us include: 

Fast-growing Network 

In our short stay in the market, we have more than 10 stores open, and others lined up. With our fast-growing network, you can realise investment returns sooner and establish your customer base relatively quickly. 

Exceptional Brand Values 

Phat Buns is built on exceptional brand values, focusing on efficient service delivery and unique menus that keep customers returning. These values will flourish your business because of the influx of customers and the vibrant and fun environment we create for the employees. Our goal is to ensure that all the pillars and stakeholders of our establishments are well taken care of. 

Continuous Customer Service Training and Hands-on Support

When you first join Phat Buns, you will travel to our headquarters for training, and we also provide practical training at your location. But we don’t stop there. We will continuously provide customer service training to ensure you keep up with our values and provide your clients with the best possible service. 

You will also have access to our hands-on support for any challenges you might face or assistance you require. You are never alone! 

Extensive Food Management 

You can draw from our over 50 years of hospitality and food management experience. With the help of our team, we will ensure you meet all the health requirements and that your team has the skills and information they need to manage food and the eatery without challenges. 

Strong Marketing 

As a fast-growing fast-food chain, we understand how crucial marketing can be. As a franchisee, you will benefit from our aggressive marketing approach and never have to worry about an expensive marketing budget.  

How To Get Started 

So, how can you join the tight-knit Phat Buns family? Simple, follow the steps below: 

Apply Online 

Fill out a quick online form and provide as many details as possible in each section. Once you submit the document, our team at the head office will review the submission and determine whether you have the qualifications we seek for our franchisees. 

Discovery Call 

Qualifying applications will receive a call from our franchise team for a more informal chat and to collect more details about the venture. 


We will review the application once more with all the details we’ve collected, including conducting background checks by our management team. If everything checks out, we will organise a meeting. 

Head Office Meeting 

You will meet with our directors one-on-one at the head office. During the meeting, you can exchange ideas, ask questions about the franchise, and get a full breakdown of what to expect as the new Phat Buns addition. 

After the full approval, contracts are exchanged, and you are on your way to opening your own Phat Buns. 

We will provide you with the necessary training and other resources as detailed in the contract to ensure you have the knowledge to open and run the Phat Buns successfully. 

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