Best Smash Burger London

Smash burgers have been a massive hit in the United States, attracting the attention of millions of fast-food lovers. Phat Buns is bringing the same smash burger experience right here in London. After months of traversing some of the best-known states for smash burgers in the US, the creators of Phat Buns have recreated and enhanced the art of making smash burgers, delivering the best smash burger in London.

What are Smash Burgers?

For a long time, the preferred method of making burger patties was putting the ground meat in a mould and forming the perfect smash burgers.

What Makes Our Smash Burgers?

Although the patties are the heart and soul of Smash Burgers, other ingredients make the burger and play a vital role in achieving the right flavours and texture in all our burgers. The burgers are a mash-up of our best quality and fresh ingredients, and we are passionate about delivering smash burgers in London.

The burgers also contain our special family sauce, the Phat must-have sauce, to deliver that desirable melt-in-your-mouth experience.

You can choose from our range of expertly made signature burgers, which include various diet preferences, including vegan burgers, or you can try creating your own burgers using our collection of ingredients, which include three meat patties, multiple toppings, and up to 10 condiments. Our versatile range of ingredients gives you a limitless world of unique smash burger flavours to create.

A blend of Culture and Flavour

Phat Buns has carved a niche for delivering the most sumptuous fast foods and the best smash burgers in London. Our consistent processes and quality control checks have established ourselves as the leading fast-food location for mouth-watering smashed burgers.

We have created amazing signature burgers that appeal to different flavour preferences, from fiery kicks to tangy flavours. These include the Rib Sandwich, the phat vegetarian, the phat Mushroom, and the Spicy Buffalo Burger, among others.

Although our burgers easily carry the day, we also have other amazing items on our menu that you can try out that are just as great as our burgers.

These include our signature hot dogs, breakfast in a bun, and Cheetos. We also have a range of desserts and milkshake flavours that you can try for a complete dine-in experience.

The Ultimate Dining Experience in London

You can enjoy your Phat Bun smash burgers at home or visit one of our locations in London for the whole fast-food experience.

At Phat Buns, you will be served by a team of welcoming, smiling, and jovial waiters and waitresses dedicated to delivering the best service and an ambient environment where you and your family can enjoy a meal.

Our menu caters to all meals, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. You also have a selection of drinks and desserts to complete your gourmet fast-food meals. If you’re dining with kids, we also have a kid’s menu that you can look at.

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