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Thank you for taking the time to research our brand. Phat Bun's concept started in October 2019 and the first U.K franchise took 3 years of meticulous research and planning. After several trips to the United States the home of smash burgers, the authentic beef blend was carefully crafted to bring you the very best quality of the “smash” burger experience.

Phat Buns is a unique and independent quick-service brand. Phat Buns burgers and shakes are made pretty hot and tasty. The ultimate “melt in your mouth” experience. We are a fast-casual operation with dine-in and take-away elements. The interiors including decor and theme are vibrant, colourful and exciting, the orange and black branded colour scheme and distinctive lighting adds a trendy cutting-edge ambience.

We have created the ultimate range of burgers, shakes, wings and hot dogs, everything is made fresh to order and perfection, creating distinctive and indulgent taste experiences. Our stores have become the place to visit at all times of the day and for all age groups.

Welcome To Phat Buns

Phat Buns is an exciting brand which offers great growth potential in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market. We believe in our brand and want each and every customer to enjoy our food every time they visit a Phat Buns store wherever you are in the UK. Our aim to develop the brand and business by creating win-win relationships in a friendly, productive and understanding environment.

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All About The Blend In The Burger

Secret family recipes are the stuff of legends and Phat Bun's burger blend is no exception. Our deliciously meaty unique combination of freshly ground beef blended with a minimalistic approach. The flavour of the smash patty is further enhanced with our proprietary seasoning at point of order and then cooked on the unique-coated flat griddle.

The blended beef adds a unique, unforgettable ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ experience not to mention the Phat must-have sauce.

Join the Phat Buns franchise today!

Why Beef Is A Healthy Food Choice

  • Beef is naturally rich in protein, helping muscle growth and supporting muscle mass.
  • Beef provides iron and four essential vitamins which help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Beef provides eight essential vitamins that support good health and well-being.
  • Beef is a rich source of zinc, supporting normal hair, nail, and skin growth.
  • Zinc supports normal cognitive function, fertility, and reproduction, as well as maintenance of normal testosterone levels in blood.
  • Beef is a source of iron, helping the immune system to work.
*Consumer Focused Health Claims for Beef, AHDB – February 2016, page 2

Exciting Opportunities

We are now looking for companies or individuals who are enthusiastic about great food and value customer service. To become a Phat Buns franchisee you must demonstrate market knowledge and the ability to access the necessary funds.

Our Vision

“To Serve Great Burgers, Wings, Shakes by maintaining Quality Control, Friendly Service and Continuous Cleanliness in the environments in which we operate”

Our Mission

“To be the innovators in the business of selling Burgers, Shakes, Wings & Hot Dogs”

Anyone who works with Phat Buns, whether that is our employees, our franchisees or our suppliers must fully embrace this Vision and Mission. It is these core values and objectives that make Phat buns different and such an exciting organisation to be involved with.