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You probably understand the struggle to find halal burgers and snacks if you’re a fast-food lover. You can eat all the burgers you want at Phat Buns, and they’re all halal. The patties and our other meats are all halal certified and meet all the restrictions for halal products. The meat is ethically sourced from high-quality Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, seasoned and prepared the right way to seal in the flavours and create that melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Why Our Halal Burgers in Sheffield are a Big Deal

Making the perfect burger takes more than fresh ingredients. It also requires sourcing the right meat and the passion to deliver tasty treats to our consumers consistently. We start by making burgers from natural meat that has not been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, resulting in a better taste. But there’s more to our halal burgers than the quality and halal observations of our burgers.

Blend of Culture and Flavour

The best way to describe Phat Buns is a blend of culture and flavour. Our halal burgers are a fusion of diverse culinary traditions that deliver the ultimate treatment for your tastebuds. The burgers carry a vast range of flavour notes that range from tangy to a fiery kick. We have a selected range of signature burgers prepared just as you like them. These include the Spicy Buffalo Burger, The Rib Sandwich, The Phat Vegetarian and the Phat Shroom. Each burger is made from halal meat and unique, fresh ingredients that infuse various flavours and crunchiness into the burger.

Everything in our burgers is created fresh, making them a melting pot of aromas and flavours and various spices, condiments, and cooking techniques that appeal to various palates.

Creative Variation

We have multiple signature burgers made for every palate and diet preference, including vegetarian burgers. But we also let you test your tastebuds by creating your burger from scratch using our wide range of ingredients and meats. We have halal meats and unlimited toppings you can use to make the perfect burger that hits all the right flavour notes.

Supporting Ethical Practices

Our burgers don’t just taste great because they are made right but also because they are sourced the right way. Besides our culinary expertise, we ensure our halal burgers in Sheffield also align with our brand’s core values, which support ethical practices with an emphasis on embracing the beliefs and diet preferences of our consumers and the human treatment and slaughter of animals.

Our goal is to deliver great flavour while observing our consumers’ wishes and conscious decisions regarding their food and helping them maintain those commitments without giving up that melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

What Makes Our Halal Burgers

Our smash burgers blend multiple ingredients and cooking styles that preserve the unique flavour and juiciness of the halal meats we use in the burgers. But what makes our burgers in Sheffield different is our approach to making them. We have mastered our systems and quality control to deliver the same quality and quantity every time you visit Phat Buns in Sheffield. The flavours and portion sizes are always consistent.

The burgers are made using quality, fresh ingredients that infuse additional flavours into the burgers and create the right balance of flavour and crunchiness. We top the recipe with our secret family Phat sauce.

We use our perfected smash burger cooking technique to sear the exterior of the patty and lock in all the juices and flavour inside the burgers.

If you want to try something different, you can make your burger from scratch using the various ingredients available, including three types of halal meat patties, four types of buns and over 10 condiments.

The Ultimate Fast Food Dining Experience in Sheffield

You can enjoy more than our delicious, dripping halal burgers at Phat Buns. Our outlets are also one of the best places to hang out with family and friends as you enjoy our expansive menu, which delivers the full American fast food experience blended with famous English hospitality.

Your Phat Buns experience starts when you walk into one of our outlets. You get to experience excellent ambience and warm and welcoming staff who are always smiling.

You can start digging into our menu, which offers everything for everyone. From breakfast options that include breakfast-in-a-bun to get your morning started to the Phat Loaded menu, which includes beef-loaded tots, chips, and finger-licking chicken, you can also try out our tender, fried chicken wings and spicy and hot Cheetos.

Other legendary fast food snacks you can try include our signature hot dots packed with our amazing fillings and sauces. We also have options for the little diners in the family to ensure their budding taste buds are well taken care of. The menu includes beef and chicken burgers, halal milkshakes, and chicken nuggets, among others. You can also opt for our amazing selection of desserts that caters to all palates and occasions.

Whatever the occasion, you can trust that Phat Buns will create the perfect ambience and menu to satisfy everyone and be blown away by our unique flavours.

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