Halal Burger Leicester

Phat Buns has solved the age-old question of whether you can find halal burgers. Besides delivering flavour-packed, dripping smash burgers, we have also invested in ensuring our burgers meet various dietary preferences. You can rest assured that our smash burgers are fully halal-certified.

The meat used in the burger patties is ethically sourced, properly cooked, and topped with the freshest vegetables, ensuring the perfect balance of flavours.

Why Our Halal Burgers in Leicester Are a Big Deal

Phat Buns is about providing you with the ultimate fast food experience, and our halal smash burgers are the headliner. We believe in packing burgers with flavour and the best quality ingredients. The smashed patties are made from high-quality meat from animals that haven’t been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, don’t contain harmful chemicals, and have a better overall taste. But that’s not all; there are other reasons why our smash burgers are a must-try.

Blend of Culture and Flavour

Phat Buns is about delivering the best flavour while maintaining the revered fast food culture. Our halal burgers are a fusion of diverse culinary traditions that deliver the best flavours and an experience that makes you feel at home and have you coming back.

You can choose from a vast selection of fresh condiments for different flavours. The burgers, depending on the selected ingredients, come in various flavour profiles. You can also go with one of our signature Phat Buns smash burgers prepared just how you like them.

Our halal burgers are made using fresh, aroma-packed, and flavour-filled ingredients. We use many spices, condiments, and cooking techniques to deliver that melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Creative Variations

There’s no limit to the range of flavours you can create with our halal smash burgers in Leicester. With an extensive selection of halal meats, including beef and chicken, tonnes of vegetables, condiments, and unlimited toppings, the sky is the limit for your culinary creativity.

Supporting Ethical Practices

Phat Buns is not just about unique flavours but also about supporting ethical sourcing and treatment of animals in line with our core values. We support the humane treatment of animals and the strict guidelines surrounding the slaughter and processing of meat. With customers becoming more informed and attentive to their choice food choices, we are committed to helping you get the best fast-food experience without compromising your commitments, beliefs or preferences.

What Makes Our Halal Burgers?

Our halal burgers blend fresh and quality ingredients with the passion and commitment to blow your tastebuds with flavour and satisfaction. Our rigorous quality control systems ensure we deliver the same quality and flavour of burgers each time you visit our outlets, and the portions are always consistent.

Using fresh ingredients ensures we capture Mother Nature’s essence and deliver it as intended, balancing flavour and crunchiness in every burger. Our secret family Phat sauce tops off the flavours and gives the burgers that extra kick.

Every burger uses the same preparation and cooking process to lock in the juices for that melt-in-your-mouth experience.

We have an exceptional range of amazing signature burgers you can try. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can customise your burger using our long list of ingredients, including four types of buns, over 10 condiments, and three patties. All the patties are made from halal meat, so you can freely enjoy the experience and let your creativity loose.

The Ultimate Fast Food Dining Experience in Leicester

Phat Buns is home to one of the most exquisite fast-food dine-in experiences in Leicester. Our upbeat, welcoming environment and ever-smiling staff are just the tip of the iceberg on the type of experience you should get used to when you visit Phat Buns.

Enjoy America’s most famous fast-food cuisine, smash burgers, with a touch of our English hospitality. We have the perfect menu, whether you’re dropping by for a quick refill or bringing the whole family for a fast-food dinner.

Our halal smash burgers in Leicester may headline the show, but other items on our menu will whet your appetite. Our menu includes the Phat Loaded menu, which comprises chips, beef-loaded tots, and finger-licking good chicken. This is an excellent choice when you want something filling and perfect for the whole family. If that doesn’t work for you, we also have tender, fried wings, exclusive Cheetos, and spicy hot options to suit various palates and preferences.

We have hot dogs packed with our signature fillings and sauces for more of those famous fast foods. Our menu covers everyone in the family, including the little diners for whom we’ve created a dedicated menu for their young and adventurous tastebuds.

The kids’ menu includes chicken nuggets, beef and chicken burgers (all halal) and multiple flavours of Fruitshoot.

We also have breakfast options, including breakfast in a bun, milkshakes, and even dessert options, depending on your mood and the season.

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