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Burger derby

Smash burgers have been a welcome addition to the first food family, adding flavour, juiciness, and crunchiness to one of the best fast-food restaurants in the world: Burgers. For the longest time, the US has been the home to the smash burger, but now, you can enjoy the same qualities of smash burgers with even better flavours in Wolverhampton courtesy of Phat Buns. 

Our burgers in Wolverhampton will deliver and surpass that American burger experience and our exceptional dine-in experience. 

Best Burger in Wolverhampton 

We are proud and confident that we have the best burgers in Wolverhampton and provide the best fast-food dining experience.

We have a select range of signature burgers dripping with flavours and crafted for diners with varying palates and diet preferences. Our signature range includes the famous Buffalo Burger, the Rib, the American Burger, the Shroom Burger, the Phat Chick, and the Vegetarian Burger, among others. All our burgers are packed with that lovely stringy American cheese, just as you like. 

Whether you’re going for a vegetarian or Halal burger, Phat Buns has got you! For burger connoisseurs, you can also make your burger from scratch, so you have the final say on what the perfect burger is for you! 

What Makes Our Burgers 

We are confident in the quality of our burgers because they are made with love and passion. Every ingredient is carefully selected to enhance the flavour and texture of the burgers. A dash of our secret family recipe and that Phat must-have sauce gives the burgers a unique and irresistible flavour. 

At Phat Buns Wolverhampton, you can also create your burger using our wide range of ingredients, which include three types of patties, four types of buns and over 10 condiments to customise the flavour and texture of your favourite burger. 

The Ultimate Fast Good Dining Experience in Wolverhampton

We just don’t stop at great-tasting burgers. We also give you the best fast-food dining experience in Wolverhampton, delivering the ultimate American fast-food experience with a dash of English hospitality. 

We offer a full range of fast-food options to savour and whet your appetite, beginning with our signature burgers. You can also build your own burger using the various ingredients and types of patties we have. 

Besides burgers, we also have a selection of other unique fast foods for every occasion and palate. We have fried wings, tenders, and exclusive Cheetos for those looking for family dining. If you don’t want the entire meal but just a snack to keep you going, we have amazing sizzling hotdogs packed with our special sauces and fillings for the ultimate flavour. 

You can also try out our iconic breakfast in a bun for the best start to your morning and wash this down with a cup of coffee, tea or freshly squeezed juice. We also have a selection of unique, chilled and refreshing milkshakes to help you tone down the summer heat, as well as unique children’s treats that include chicken nuggets, beef and chicken burgers, and a Fanta. Whatever you crave, Phat Buns Wolverhampton has it for you! 

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