The UK is one of the leading burger consumers in the world, only preceded by the US. While our appetite for burgers has remained constant, we have never replicated the quality of burgers in the US until Phat Buns came around.

Phat Buns in Sheffield is the premier outlet for the famed smashed burgers originating from the US. Our smashed burgers are grilled to perfection, leaving the patty with a caramelised crust that locks in the juices, delivers a delightful texture that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and intensifies flavours. The satisfying crunch of sinking your teeth into the patty and the instant burst of flavour have made our smash burgers a hit among all burger enthusiasts in Sheffield, and you must simply try them!

The Best Burger in Sheffield

Phat Buns has the best burgers in Sheffield, hands down. If you appreciate and revere the American burger scene, you will love what our burgers have to offer.

Phat Buns has a fantastic selection of signature burgers, including our famous spicy buffalo burger. Our other signature burgers include:

  • The pulled-rib sandwich
  • Phat Vegetarian
  • Phat Shroom
  • Phat Chick
  • Phat American
  • Classic Phat Cheese
  • Double Phat Chick
  • Cheesy Phat Chick

Our signature burgers are grilled to perfection and blended with just the right amount of condiments and vegetables to give them that crunchy, juicy texture while delivering various flavours that keep your tastebuds wanting more.

If you’ve tried all our signature burgers and want a taste of something slightly different, you should try our “build-a-burger” option.

You can make your burger using any of our four types of buns, three types of patties and ten condiments. Your burger has unlimited toppings so you can get as creative as possible with your creation!

What Makes Our Burger

Made from passion, the best quality ingredients and a touch of our family recipe, we have recreated and improved the American burger, giving Sheffilders the authentic taste of the American burger right here in Sheffield.

We have carefully selected the ingredients in our burgers to ensure they complete the flavour and add notes that make them a must-have. Some of the ingredients you will find in our burgers include:

  • Buns
  • Gherkin
  • American cheese
  • Mayonnaise, mustard and other selected sauces
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Beef
  • Pulled rib

Our blended beef is the star of the burger. Coupled with our family recipe, the Phat sauce and the smashed cooking technique, the beef delivers that unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth experience that every burger enthusiast craves. 

The Ultimate American Fast Foods Dining Experience in Sheffield

Most people visiting Phat Buns Sheffield come for the succulent, mouthwatering burgers. But we have much more to offer for anyone looking for that full American fast-food experience, from breakfast to snacks and even for those tagging their family along.

Our menu at Phat Buns includes delicious, famed desserts such as pancakes, syrup and waffles. We also have hot and spicy Cheetos, sides to go with your burgers, chilled milkshakes, hot dogs and even meals for the little ones, which include our tasty burgers and their favourite flavour of Fruitshoot.

Why Choose Phat Buns Sheffield?

Are you a first food connoisseur trying to find the proper burger, but the quality and juiciness of the patty don’t measure up? Try our smash burgers, and your search will come to an end. Here is why:

  • Quality customer service: We know the best way to create anticipation and prepare you for that fantastic experience is through customer care. We have trained teams that will serve you with a smile and ensure your experience at Phat Buns Sheffield is flawless. Our fantastic dining ambience is just what you need to get your salivary glands working as you wait for your freshly cooked smashed burger just how you like it.
  • Variety: Just in case you’re not here for the burger and want something lighter, our menu is packed with potential options that you can consider. From flaming hot Cheetos to hot dogs and spicy wings, we have everything your palate could be craving for. We also have an assorted range of milkshakes to wash everything down and cool you down on a hot summer day, as well as some desserts.
  • Consistency: We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect burger just for the taste to change on your next order. At Phat Buns, we’ve mastered the process of making all our fast foods and can guarantee that you get the same taste and quality each time, every time!

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