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Savour the best and latest flavours of the smashed burgers in Loughborough at Phat Buns. Our American-style inspired burgers are dripping with flavour, with a crunchy texture on the outside and juicy flavours locked inside. Our burgers are a dream come true for every burger enthusiast in Loughborough. With our Phat Buns burgers, you can finally devour the burgers you’ve always admired in those TV commercials that look as good as they taste.

Our smashed burgers are expertly grilled to perfection with just the right char for that crunchy bite and sizzling sound that gets your stomach juices going and your salivary glands on overdrive. If you’re looking for the best burgers in Loughborough, it doesn’t get any better than Phat Buns burgers.

Best Burger in Loughborough

Why are our burgers the best? Because they are inspired by the best burgers in the world. Before creating Phat Buns burgers, we went to the best burger cities in the United States to benchmark and pick up the best tips for flipping and smashing burgers. We combined these secrets and tips with our legendary family recipe to create the perfect American-inspired burger in Loughborough.

We have an exquisite range of signature burgers to sink your teeth into, including the legendary spicy buffalo burgers. Other options include:

  • Cheesy Phat Chick
  • Phat Chick
  • Phat American
  • Classic Phat Cheese
  • Double Phat Chick
  • Phat Vegetarian
  • Phat Shroom
  • Phat Classic

Burger enthusiasts can also build up their own burgers using our range of ingredients, which include three types of patties, four types of buns and ten condiments. This creates endless flavours and combinations to keep your burger journey adventurous. Our intense quality control measures ensure you get the same quality of burgers and patties, and we throw in extra toppings with every build-up burger.

What Makes Our Burgers

Our smashed patties are the heart and soul of our burgers. The patties are pressed against the grill to lock on the moisture, and all the flavours deliver a crunchy bite with an interior overflowing with juicy flavours. The patties are complimented by other ingredients and sauces that add flavour and texture to the burger. Additional ingredients in our burgers in Loughborough include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Gherkin
  • American cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise and mustard, and other selected sauces, including the famed Phat sauce
  • Chicken
  • Pulled rib

The ingredients present in your burger vary depending on the signature burger you choose or the burger you build.

Enjoy the Ultimate Fast Food Experience in Loughborough

Most people visit Phat Buns in Loughborough to enjoy our amazingly succulent, stringy cheese Phat burgers. While here, you can also try out our other amazing fast food options. Everything on our menu is American-inspired, meaning you get the best blend of flavours and textures in every bite.

Our fast food menu includes:

  • Flaming hot crispy Cheetos with fiery sauce
  • Fried wings and tenders
  • Phat loaded range dressed with our iconic house sauce
  • All-day breakfast in a bun featuring eggs and bacon
  • Hot dogs
  • Little stars meals complete with your favourite flavour of Fruitshoot
  • Sides (tots, fries, sweet potato fries and mac and cheese bites)
  • Milkshakes
  • Desserts

Why Choose Us?

Phat Buns is more than a great place to get your burgers. It’s also an excellent place to come with family and friends to grab a bite, and we make sure every minute you spend here is worth remembering. Here’s why you should choose Phat Buns Loughborough:

  • Excellent customer support: Phat Buns has over 50 years of experience in food management and hospitality. We have used this experience to provide continued training to our sales and service teams to ensure they understand the value of service with a smile and how to handle customers efficiently. During your stay at Phat Buns Loughborough, expect nothing short of warm service with a smile.
  • Variety: Our smash burgers are the headliners of our menu, but they’re not the only item we serve. At Phat Buns, you have an extensive range of options depending on your preferences and cravings. We have wings, Cheetos, hotdogs, and chips. We also have milkshakes, desserts, and breakfast in a bun. Whether you’re in the mood or the time of day, we have just the snack for you.
  • Consistency: Finding the right burger with the right flavour is tough, and that is why we make sure that once you find it, it tastes and feels the same every time you take it. Our processes and quality assurance procedures ensure consistency in quality, flavour, and portions across all our menu items.

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