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Burger Liverpool

American fast food has dominated the fast-food market for a long time. Many people have long desired to try the glamorous, drippy, and stringy burgers they see on the screen, and now, residents of Liverpool can live their dream by visiting Phat Buns, the home of smash burgers in Liverpool.

The Phat Bun smash burger borrows heavily from the American heritage. It adds a touch of its recipe and sauce to deliver a truly unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth experience that will keep you coming back. 

Best Burger in Liverpool 

We have the best burgers in Liverpool, hands down! We pair that up with a unique and welcoming dining experience that gets your digestive juices going with flavourful aromas and sizzling sounds of the patties on the grill. 

You can start with one of our amazing signature burgers, which include the Buffalo Burger, The Rib Sandwich, Phat Vegetarian, Phat Chick, or Phat American, among others. If you’re feeling adventurous and in the mood for something new, you can build your own burger using our quality and fresh ingredients for a customised flavour and experience. 

Our burger range is diverse enough to cater to every individual’s diet preferences, with options available for vegetarian and Halal burgers without skimping on the flavour. With our customised approach and people-pleaser attitude, you will always sink your teeth into a flavour-packed, fresh, and aromatic burger every time you visit Phat Buns Liverpool, and you will keep coming back! 

What Makes Our Burgers? 

Phat Buns burgers are a mash-up of the best quality, fresh ingredients, and passion for the best taste and experience. They also contain our special family recipe and the Phat must-have sauce to deliver that enviable, melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

Every person has their perfect burger, so we offer multiple types of sumptuous signature burgers. If you want to try out new flavours and combinations, you can create your burgers using the different types of patties, buns, and condiments we have to bring your flavours alive. 

The Ultimate Fast Food Dining Experience in Liverpool 

Our burgers in Liverpool aren’t just about that great taste and crackling sound when you take a bite. They are also about delivering the ultimate food dining experience for everyone that comes through our doors. 

We are dedicated to providing the perfect fast food experience with our extensive menu and welcoming ambience. 

Whether you’re looking to start the day with our breakfast in a bun offering, have a quick mid-day snack with our hotdogs, or have a full-course meal with our chips, chicken, and beef-loaded tots, we’ve got you! Choose from a wide range of fast-food options to match your appetite. 

We also have desserts for the sweet tooth, and for the little diners, we have the best chicken nuggets, chicken and beef burgers, and Fruitshoots to provide them with a flavour-packed experience that will keep them coming back for more. 

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