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Phat Buns Leicester is the best place when you’re looking for the juiciest, scrumptious smashed burgers packed with flavour and that smoky grilled char that the patties have come to be known for.

Since 2019, Phat Buns has been stuffing burger lovers with the best-smashed burgers from the best American burger cultures in Leicester. After travelling throughout the United States and collecting the best-smashed burger secrets, we topped it off with our family-blended beef recipe. Now you can enjoy the juiciest smashed burgers in Leicester American style!

Best Burger in Leicester

We are not afraid to say we have the best burgers in Leicester, and once you try them, you’ll agree as much. We have developed amazing flavours and use the best ingredients to make our signature burgers. If you’re feeling creative and want to play around with the flavours and ingredients, you can build your own burger using our four types of buns, three types of patties and over 10 condiments. It’s our little way of ensuring every burger lover gets what they love.

We also have vegetarian burgers, Phat Shroom burgers, and Halal burgers. No matter your preference, we have a burger that will blow your mind and tastebuds away, dripping with flavour and succulence.

Other must-try burgers from Phat Buns include:

  • Cheesy Phat Chick
  • Phat Chick
  • Phat American
  • Classic Phat Cheese
  • Double Phat Chick

What Makes Our Burgers

Phat Buns burgers are made from a mix of the best quality ingredients, passion and keen quality control to deliver juicy burgers full of different flavours that come together to deliver the best experience.

The range of ingredients in our burgers includes:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Gherkin
  • American cheese
  • Blended beef
  • Selected sauces
  • Chicken

The ingredients vary depending on the signature burger you want or the type you create. Whatever your preferences, you can rest assured of getting fresh flavours and ingredients in every burger that delivers an unforgettable experience in your mouth that keeps you coming back.

The Ultimate Fast Food Dining Experience in Leicester

Phat Buns isn’t just about giving you the best burgers in Leicester. We have an excellent range of other fast foods you can sink in for all ages and times of day. You can start your day by digging into your sumptuous breakfast in a bun, which features the egg muffin, the egg and sausage bun, the Breakfast Stack and the SMokin’ Egg & Sausage bun.

`for chicken lovers, we have fried wings and tenders packed in different flavours with just the right amount of acidity and balance of flavours to leave you craving more. We also have an exclusive Cheetos range you can order when you want to eat light but don’t want to scale back on the taste. Our Cheetos feature our fiery hot sauces that will light a flame in your mouth for the extra kick.

Little diners aren’t left behind, either. We have snacks that will make Phat Buns their new favourite spot. Our Little Stars meals include chicken nuggets, beef or chicken burgers as the main items, and tots and Fruit Shoots to wash it all down.

We also have sides, shakes and dessert options that are the icing on the cake for your dining experience.

Why Choose Phat Buns?

We have always seen ourselves as trailblazers in the UK fast food scene, offering the best and juiciest burgers, and it’s not by mistake. Here’s why you should visit one of our outlets if you haven’t already.

  • Exceptional Service: Like our burgers and other items on our menu, we don’t hold back on the service we offer our dine-in customers. We have well-trained and keen teams ready to take your order and provide you with the best experience while you enjoy your meal. That’s why we are proud to offer the ultimate dining experience to our customers.
  • Variety: You might have heard about our famous signature burgers. But they’re not the only remarkable thing on our menu. We have a fantastic selection of items you can try at any time of the day to suit any appetite. These include breakfast in a bun, wings, hotdogs, Cheetos and Chips. Like our burgers, everything else on the menu is carefully crafted to deliver maximum flavour, whether munching on our burgers or sipping on our cold milkshake on a hot summer day.
  • Consistency: We will not just blow your mind with unique and succulent flavours the first time you come but keep up the performance every time you come. We have perfected our processes to ensure we deliver the same unique flavours and consistency in all our menu items. Hence, you get the same taste, consistency and quality every time, no matter which one of our outlets you visit.

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