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The United States has been home to the juiciest and most delicious smash burgers for the longest time. But not anymore! After extensive research and travelling, Phat Buns now brings you the smash burger experience right here in Derby.

Packed with flavour from our family recipe and the best-blended beef, we give you the best burgers that deliver that melt-in-your-mouth experience. Say goodbye to admiring the tall, dripping burgers on your screen and pay our outlet in Derby a visit for the ultimate fast-food experience and the best burgers in town.

Best Burger in Derby

Phat Buns is home to the best burgers in Derby. And it’s not just the burgers but also the best dining experience.

At Phat Buns, you can build your own burger using our selected range of exquisite and fresh ingredients or go for one of our unique, mouth-watering signature burgers packed with dripping, stringy American cheese just as you like it.

We all love a burger, and Phat Buns ensures you get the best burgers regardless of your diet preferences. You can enjoy our scrumptious and crunchy beef burgers, and we have vegetarian and Halal burgers that taste just as good as our standard burgers. At Phat Burgers Derby, you always get the ultimate burgers and fast-food dining experience regardless of your preferences. Our customised approach to making the perfect burger means you define and create what the perfect means for you.

What Makes Our Burgers

Passion, impeccable quality control and time are some of the things that make our burgers. With quality and fresh ingredients and a dash of our secret family recipe, our burgers deliver that unique melt-in-your-mouth experience topped with our Phat must-have sauce.

We know that the perfect burger is objective. That is why we allow you to build your own burger with our quality ingredients and patties grilled to perfection.

We have three types of patties, four types of bums and over 10 condiments you can use to make your perfect burger.

The Ultimate Fast Food Dining Experience in Derby

It’s not just burgers that hit differently at Phat Buns. We also have other types of fast food that deliver the authentic American fast-food experience right here in Derby.

Besides our signature burgers, you can also try out our Phat Loaded range, which includes chips, chicken and beef-loaded tots.

You also have a selection of fried wings, tenders, and an exclusive Cheetos range that makes the perfect fast food for a family dinner.

If you want something lighter, we have amazing, sizzling hotdogs featuring our signature sauces and fills.

We also have the iconic breakfast in a bun, which slides down well with your morning cup of coffee or tea. You can pop into our Derby outlet during the hot summer to enjoy our amazing, chilled, refreshing milkshake.

If you’re dining with the kids, we also have something for them. These include chicken nuggets, beef and chicken burgers and a Fruitshoot to wash it all down. Whether you’re ordering for adults or children, you can always count on our burgers having the most delicious flavours and dripping with cheese! 

Why Choose Phat Buns Derby?

Phat Buns Derby is the perfect place for burger lovers and fast-food fans in general. Here are a few reasons why you should drop by Phat Buns derby:

  • Excellent customer service: We’re all about service with a smile and offering the best service to every customer who walks through our doors. We have fully trained employees who understand the values of excellent customer service and are eager to practice them. Your Phat Buns experience starts with excellent customer service even before our burgers blow your tastebuds off!
  • Variety: Most people coming to Phat Buns Derby are captivated by our legendary burgers. But you can try a lot more when you visit our eatery. We have something for every part of your day. From breakfast in a bun to start your morning, you can have wings, Cheetos, and chips at the end of the day. We also have desserts and milkshakes for those looking for a sugary treat. Whether you’re looking to set your tastebuds on fire or cool your body down in the summer heat, we have something you will love and keep coming back.
  • Consistency: We understand how important consistency is in fast food. Once you’ve found the right burger, you want it to taste the same today, tomorrow, and forever. We’ve mastered every process of creating our fast foods and ensure you get the same quality, flavour, and portions every time you order.

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